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Your insurer for exposed and exceptional risks


An insurer does not have to be an all-rounder

Insurance means that a risk is transferred to another party in return for the payment of a premium. This model is based on the assessment that certain events will repeat themselves with a given regularity. And the more similar the risks are and the more such similar risks are insured by an insurer, the better the insurer can calculate premiums and the more certain expected results will be.

Clients and their brokers can face problems whenever an exceptional risk is involved in the process and nobody wants to insure it. Hübener Versicherungs AG, however, specialises in precisely this sort of exceptional risk, thus offering its clients and the broker market a solution instead of an otherwise unsuccessful search.

It is one of our business principles to consider all risks in an unbiased manner and to ask ourselves what premium would be appropriate for the risk requiring insurance. It is our ambition to be a strong and reliable partner for clients and brokers alike. No more, no less.

Business model

Our business model is very simple: we insure what most insurers avoid. And because we have been doing this for quite a long time, we have also become real experts for such often challenging risks over the years.

Your strong partner

In an increasingly digitalised insurance world, long-term and reliable partnerships are more important than ever. Anyone who cannot relate to this has not been in the business long enough.

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countries throughout Europe
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Guiding principle

Risk is not the problem.

We create insurance solutions that are difficult to realise elsewhere. We are a reliable insurer for partners in Europe who want to cover such risks.

Corporate guidelines


As a specialist insurer, we focus on risks that require a customised risk analysis or a special contract design. The result is a customised solution that meets these requirements.



We have the qualifications to cover a risk at the highest professional level and to process it efficiently. Our partners benefit from this expertise.



We offer our partners a personalised service. You will be supported with understanding and in a reliable, authoritative and friendly manner.