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The Hübener
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unusual risks

Unusual risks or special risks, are those risks which normal insurance companies do not underwrite or are very unwilling to underwrite. There can be many reasons for this. The most common reason is the generally acknowledged higher risk which these special risks are exposed to.

The Huebener Insurance Company actively seeks such risks, which comprise discoteques and gaming halls but also sport studios, videotheques and entertainment venues in general. Multifunctional shopping malls with retail shops, cinemas, bowling alleys and discoteques are therefore one of Huebener’s prime targets.

Another niche area in which Huebener is very active is retail outlets selling goods which are particularly exposed to theft such as cameras, mobile phones, fur coats, leather and designer clothes. Huebener has extensive experience in this type of risk and is in a position to offer both insureds and brokers good cover.

Employers Liability and Public Liability for the building trades and the property insurance for pubs, hairdressers, shops and most other smaller commercial enterprises is a further area in which Huebener Insurance is active.

Finally, there are a number of risks such as fireworks, fireworks storage, fireworks trading and fireworks production for which Huebener Insurance is able to offer an insurance solution.

And there are many risks with which we are not yet acquainted with. Why don’t you show us some?

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35000 Insured risks
7 Underwriting Agents in Europe
1400 Active broker relationships
13288000000 € Assets insured
700 Recycling risks insured
500 Refugee homes insured
1200 Discoteques insured
262 % EIOPA Solvency ratio

The Hübener
Insurance Co.:
The Market
is changing

An increasing number of insurance brokers are faced with a continuously decreasing number of risk carriers. The Hübener Insurance Co. offers an alternative. Clients’ particular insurance needs are quickly recognized and catered to by brokers. But which insurance companies can provide unusual solutions? Good claims ratios and results make insurance companies more flexible, but they do not change their intrinsic nature.

A market needs variety.

With which insurance company can you always discuss and quickly install novel forms of risk transfer? The Hübener Insurance Company – a new market.

For brokers. And clients.