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Risk is not the problem.


Your insurer for special risks.

Hübener Versicherung is a specialist insurer operating throughout Europe. Our focus is on the customised assessment of risks. We deal specifically with risk groups and companies for which the insurance market offers no or only a very limited range of products. Our products are tailored to the main risks of our clients. This often involves insurance cover of the financial impacts of fire. In addition, we also provide cover for the consequences of burglary, waterpipe damage, storms or third-party liability claims. Our insurance solutions are only available through insurance brokers or insurance agencies (MGAs).


Focused. Competent. Reliable.

As a specialist insurer, we focus on risks that require a customised risk analysis or a special contract design. Our team has the expertise to make quick and conclusive decisions. With Hübener Versicherung, you have a reliable insurer at your side.